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Replace Garage Door Springs

   Garage door springs are the most important parts in a garage door. They are used for counter balancing, lifting and gently lowering your garage door. The are made out of oiled temper steel, heat treated to transform them from large wire coils to a functioning long lasting garage door spring.

You can figure out the type of garage door springs you need from Cerritos Garage Door by looking at springs on your garage door. If your springs are located above the garage door on a 1" round rod, then you must have a sectional garage door they use torsion springs. These springs help open the garage door either manually or electrically with the garage door opener.

If your garage door has tracks and wheels but the garage door springs are locate on the left and right side of the garage door tracks up towards the ceiling, they are extension springs.

We provide garage door spring repair and service for the entire city of Cerritos and surrounding areas. We replace the largest amount of garage door springs in city of Cerritos compared to any other garage door company. That is why are prices are reasonable and we have stayed in business for so long.

Cerritos Garage Door recommends you to use our certified professionals for inspecting, repairing and replacing your broken garage door springs. After all Cerritos Garage Door values the safety of our customers.

Our repair trucks are loaded with new GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS
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